Shelter from the Storm Emergency Plan







Team 1                                                                         Team 2

Russell Killingsworth                                        Mark Howard

Tirk Sweatt                                                         Burnis Stokes

Cindy Sweatt                                                      Billy Conner

Richard Hall                                                        Reta Conner

Terry Goodfellow                                              Ron Gregory

Katie Goodfellow                                               LaVeda Gregory

Kurt Gilbert                                                         Teresa Biter

Debbie Gilbert                                                    Zeda Hooten

Tommy Todd                                                     Demar Barefoot

Wanda Todd                                                      Mildred Barefoot

Becky Adams                                                     Sherry Palmer         



Telephone Team                                                           Home Team-Cooks

Ken & Judy Abernethy                                                   Patsy Wiliams

                                                                                           Arlene Thompson

                                                                                           Kay Martindale

                                                                                           MaryKay Tallant



A "disaster" will likely begin with a telephone call from the city's police department or fire department asking us to open our Family Life Center as a community shelter. Although this may be a winter storm, it might also be a tornado or fire that causes people to be evacuated from their homes. In any case, we need to be prepared to house stranded motorists or local families during these emergency events.


When the initial call for help is received, the "Telephone Team" will be notified and immediately begin calling members of Team 1 with details. If the disaster lasts for more than a few hours, the "Telephone Team" will notify members of Team 2 requesting that they relieve Team 1. If the event is prolonged, a rotation of teams may become necessary.


The "Telephone Team" may also be asked to make calls asking for food to be prepared in homes for use at the shelter. The "Home Team" might make a pot of soup or stew and have it ready for use in the shelter.  (In the case of a winter storm, an available volunteer might use their 4-wheel-drive vehicle to pick up the food for use at the shelter.)