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ReMarks 2/25/19


We just experienced a great DNow weekend. Let's be sure to thank God for the way He's worked in the lives of not only our young people, but also in the lives of many adults and children as well. I don't know if I can remember a more precious time in worship than we experienced especially on Sunday morning. Stomptown Revival led us to the throne, the congregation was engaged and Mike Satterfield just absolutely proclaimed the Gospel message with beautiful clarity. Most importantly, the Holy Spirit moved powerfully as people came in response to pray and take the Lord's Supper. I believe lives have been changed and we will see in the weeks that follow the continued fruit of it.

I want to thank Travis and his wonderful youth leadership (both adults and students) who did such a good job preparing for this and working throughout the three days to serve in such humble, effective ways. I love this church family because this church family loves Jesus! It was readily apparent as people prepared and served meals, donated needed items, worked registration, emptied trashes, hosted groups, prayed and prayed and prayed and loved on the students involved. You may never know the impact your ministry had on some of these teenagers until we all stand around the throne eternally adoring the One we worshipped together this weekend.

I particularly want to thank Stomptown Revival. Brandon and Gabe each truly have the heart of a worship leader. They did a beautiful job of keeping the attention on Jesus, involving our students in real worship and "setting the table" for the preaching. I love their humility and accessibility. A big bonus for me personally is that they also are very generous with delicious coffee!

Of course, I also want to thank Mike Satterfield. All I can say about his preaching is, WOW! He gave all of us much to consider, but he did it in a loving way. You are probably aware that I am pretty picky about who I invite to preach from the FBC pulpit. When Travis came to me a year ago with Mike's name, I immediately went online to check him out. Honestly, I was skeptical because he seemed a little too good to be true. Every sermon I found was strong. Every review or reference was stellar. 

Those of you here this weekend would agree with me that my skepticism was unfounded. This brother BRINGS IT! As anointed as he is in the pulpit, it is backed up by a personal love for the Lord and for the lost and hurting. I will not hesitate to ask him back as we have opportunity in the future.

Speaking of the future, Mike is going to be a Circle Six Baptist Camp in April 5-6 for a Men's Conference. If you are interested in going with a group of our men for those two days, contact me and I'll give you the details. Don't wait because the event will fill up quickly.

Boy, I love this Church Family!

Pastor Mark

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